Google CES 2023

At CES 2023, I played a pivotal role in spearheading Google's in-house team to unveil the Android activation, crafting a memorable experience for all attendees. The hallmark of the event was an ensemble of 3D Android avatars, each brimming with a distinct personality and aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the iconic Android logo. In total, we brought to life 60 unique characters.

I had the privilege of directing the video and design facets, ensuring that the evolution of Android devices into more intuitive and integrated systems was vividly showcased. This immersive, tactile experience not only elevated the Android brand but also resonated with the vibrancy and whimsy inherent to Google's broader product ecosystem.

Our main canvas was a giant media facade at the Google booth that displayed a dynamic rotation of

various brand messages, products, and engaging Android animations.

We strategically displayed our animations and product stories across numerous media facades

in vibrant Las Vegas, reaching a diverse audience and creating buzz around our partners' brands.

I was responsible for overseeing the design of the Las Vegas monorail takeover, where we utilized

our CES identity to inject humor and showcase product use cases throughout the interiors of the cars.

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