Animal Control

Feature Film (in development)

Animal Control is the name of a feature film I co-wrote with Duncan Ferguson. Set in a suburb of New York City in the summer of 2009 against the backdrop of the recession, Animal Control tells the story of how one accidental death will transform the lives of the residents and animals that inhabit the town. This story was inspired by true events.

In The Privacy Of Your Own Home

Short Film

This narrative short I wrote and directed tells the story of Rick, an aging widower who rids his home of clutter in an attempt to move on from his wife's recent passing. Upon lugging boxes and bags of junk to the curb, Rick meets a young girl, Angela, who asks if she can swim in his backyard pool. Rick indulges her request only to soon discover that there's something much deeper happening beneath the surface.




Short Film

I made AREA in partnership with LED media facade Standard Vision as part of their creators series.

The film takes a look at the concept of scale, both as an organizing principal of the universe and a theory of the mind.

AREA playing at JW Marriott Los Angeles LA LIVE in Los Angeles

AREA playing  at Culver One in Los Angeles


Suzanne Kraft - On Our Hands

Our video is set inside a spaceship, where two aliens embrace each other as they hurtle through the universe. Inside the vessel is an array of sexy, shiny objects— a half-eaten apple, erotic furniture, and a heart-shaped toilet built for two.

The artist wrote the song about rekindling an old flame during Covid, and the lyrics inspired each of us to reflect on our relationships during the pandemic.

In many ways, we found ourselves clinging desperately to one another as our spaceship (Earth) careened towards disaster. 

Would this time draw us closer together or push us further apart?



Elon Katz - The Rhino Powder Of New Sensitivity

Music Video

I co-directed this music video in collaboration with electronic musician Elon Katz for his EP The Human Pet.



Tourist Kid - Bacterial [MAT11]

Music Video

I directed this fully-animated music video in collaboration with Evan Stalker for Australian ambient musician Tourist Kid his EP Bacterial.



!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - 'The One 2'

Music Video

I directed this video for dance punk band !!! (Chk Chk Chk) in collaboration with choreographers Ai Shimatsu and Natsuki Miya.



Boiler Room - Celestial Bodies

TV Stings

I created this series of stings in collaboration with Tony Ung for global online music broadcasting platform, Boiler Room.



Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft - Inside [MAT8]

Music Video

I directed this music video in collaboration with Evan Stalker for the Netherlands-based ambient music duo Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft.



!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Dancing Is The Best Revenge

Music Video

This was the second video I shot for !!! (Chk Chk Chk) with four of Bakersfield, CA's best drag queens. Need I say more?



Dadras - Irrational Ham Gobbler

Music Video

This video for New York-based electronic music artist Dadras was made with the help of 100 ants and a brick of ham.



BB Song - Blonder

Music Video

I directed this music video for New York-based indie rock artist Blonder.

We did the whole thing with a camcorder from 1993 I got on Craigslist for seventy-five bucks.



Sparrow Song - Audra Isadora

A music video I made for Audra Isadora. This one was fun because I got to work with three fearless performers who had only their naked selves and a rotating platform to work with.

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